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First Methodist Church, Johnson City TN

Other than the original photos being taken from different viewpoints (or using different lenses), there are four differences between these two cards:

The lower one, obviously, is the earlier.  I think it may have been taken pre-WWII.  The upper one, probably late 40s.

The differences I see:  First, the plate numbers are different (I can only date Asheville Post Card Company cards by inference.  I found another card in the E-7417 range that had a 1948 post mark).  Second, the shrubbery. Third, the sign on the corner in front of the church.  Fourth, the early one is titled merely “JC-71 Methodist Church, Johnson City, Tenn.” and the later one is “JC-75 First Methodist Church, Johnson City, Tenn.”

Pet Dairy Products Co. Token

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I found a few of these tokens at a local flea market.  Each token is 16.5 mm in diameter.  They appear in a token catalog as originating in Johnson City TN, where Pet Dairy has had a milk processing facility since 1929.  I think they’re pre-WWII.  The token catalog notes that there was a 25 cent and a 5 cent version, too.  The 5 cent token is posted here.

Window, Johnson City