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Virginia Intermont College



This card was printed in 1950.  The factory-added color is kind of slapdash, but it’s probably reasonably true.  The salesmen made pretty accurate color notes.

Begun in Glade Spring in 1884, the college in Bristol closed in 2014.



On the site of the old Columbian Paper Company in Bristol.  These were supports for a Norfolk & Western railroad loading ramp at the plant.  This ramp was made for very heavy loads. The first arch (at the other end) has a 1931 date formed in the concrete.  Oh, wait, here’s a shot of it now (taken with my VERY CRAPPY cell phone camera…I always have a good camera with me, well, except for this day):



Both of these postcards show a Delta DC-7 with different livery (color scheme).  And, except for the livery, they both feature the same photograph.  Whoever did the retouching was really good.   These are from the mid- to late-50s.  This particular DC-7 was “written off” in 1962, after a service of  eight years.
On the back: “Delta-C&S Air Lines Golden Crown DC-7’s are world’s fastest airlines.  This luxurious transport, seating 69 passengers cruises at 365 miles per hour at 25,000 feet, has a top speed of 410 miles per hour.”

The card was printed by Delta and included in folders presented to passengers upon boarding.  The flight attendant would mail this card for you at no charge (I think).  All you had to do was address the card and scrawl something banal as a message.