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Monthly Archives: October 2013

53 years ago

A school picture, taken in 1960.  Mom had it hanging on the wall for ages and it faded badly.  Here’s the original scan of the actual photo and what a little Photoshop Elements tweaking can do.

originalscan boblawrence1960final


30 years ago, at least, at the carnival.

carnival/clinchfield parking lot/1980s   Kingsport TN

Plastic Cow

Plastic cow by a pine tree.  Lovely.


Nice sweater, kid

Of course, the shirt and the pants are too big…


Gate City Couple

This was taken in 1976 or so, when a buddy of mine and I  (both of us long-haired hippie types) loaded our cameras up with Tri-X film and went on a shoot in Gate City.  I spotted this couple taking some, rather disapproving, note of my taking a picture of them.

My beautiful picture

Steeple cone

Broad Street UMC is replacing their steeple, since it’s been there since 1947 and has begun to let rainwater in.  They took the steeple off and put it down between Circle Street and the circle itself.  When they did that, the ice cream scoop, vanilla, fell out and is beginning to melt.