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Flea Market Find!

Sort of..

I call it an “8-bit Dragon”.  Bamboo beads.  6.5 x 7″.
It’s a hot pad.  It’s called a trivet. In my vocabulary, a trivet is generally metal and has three legs.
A rose by any other name is a trivet.
I have two of them. Sigh.

Old Pals Out for a Walk



“Fallen” is a band.  And anyone can tell you


Maybe we should just turn back…

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This sign stack was spotted on Bloomingdale Pike (Kingsport TN).

Just a Point of View

This is in Tazewell VA.  Just an unfortunate shot angle.


Tazewell VA.

Bonsai Trees

These bonsai trees were on sale at Smiley’s Flea Market in North Carolina.