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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Couple on Beach


This could be a couple in Chattanooga.  The picture was, at some time, pinned to a wall or something (note the pinholes in each corner).  He’s wearing a 1920s “golfing costume”.  See my posting about umbrella rock to see why I think this is a Chattanooga picture.

The car in the background is also 1920s.  Nice looking couple.

I hope they had a good life.



Dec. 26, 2015.  I was driving east on Stone Drive and saw this shaping up.
Always have a camera with you.

Down the Road into Morning


We were heading down an abandoned and cleared railbed on a frosty morning.  When we hit that sunny area, the temperature went up 10 degrees, easy.

Tourists, what can you say?


Ah, tourists! What appears to be a nicely dressed family all perched atop umbrella rock on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga.  Probably much giggling going on.
Here’s what Umbrella Rock is all about:


Notice that in the picture there is only one sign.  The postcard image shows three.
I think the picture is from the 1900s and the postcard from the 1940s.