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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Warrior’s Path State Park


This is on Duck Island.  Note the informal meeting of many of the park’s resident turkey vultures.
But, then, they just could be fat, ugly corvines in a murder.

Andrea Doria


This is the Italian liner SS Andrea Doria.  The Continental-size (4-3/16 x 5-7/8″) postcard was mailed from Gibraltar on January 17, 1955.  One year and seven months later, this ship went to the bottom, 160 feet down, off the coast of Massachusetts, after a collision with the MS Stockholm of the Swedish American Line.  The story is here.

Flowers of Construction

Flowers of Construction

I Bring Good Luck

goodluckpieceback goodluckpiecefront

I don’t really know which side is supposed to be the front of this medallion, which appears to have been holed at manufacture.
In the left side picture, I set it so the inscription could be read easily; however, when this piece is set with the hole on top, at the bottom, in small letters, is “SOUVENIRS INC N.Y.C.” ( I needed a 10x loupe to read it)

Greater Pittsburgh Airport went into service in 1952 and the Connie (the plane pictured, a Constellation) was retired by United in 1964 or so.

For its age, it’s in pretty good condition.  I guess flying was a little bit scary in the late 50s, hence the appeal of a good luck token.

Power Up!

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power up!

Some AM stations rise power at sunrise.

Flags piece

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I picked this up at a flea market in Wise County.  I know the right hand flag is the one used by South Vietnam from 1955 – 1975.

The piece is flat with nothing on the back except two splotches, one behind each flag, where this was glued to something.

You just never know what’s going to pop up at a flea…