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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Old Virgnia-Carolina Railroad trestle

You’ll see pictures of this stately old trestle all over the web, but here’s the story.  It’s part of the Creeper Trail now and spans the confluence of the Middle Fork and the South Forks of the Holston River (a guy named Holstein was the first non-Native American to come paddling down this watery avenue…probably a million Native Americans paddled down it before he got here, so where are their names?  And who now knows those names?).   Anyway, the Creeper Railroad was built by the Virginia-Carolina Railroad, reaching Damascus from Abingdon (after a long, tortuous time a-building) in 1900.  Many a train thundered over this trestle, until the line fell into disrepair and was abandoned.  Some people with amazing vision created the Creeper Trail, an outstanding stretch of rails-to-trails.  It’s more fun than that hellish (for me) 12-mile Guest River Gorge trail on the railbed of the former Interstate Railroad (someone once asked me if I were a railfan, or “foamer” as they’re sometimes known, and I said, “No, I’m into trackage.” ), but just as scenic.  This trestle is so pleasant on a warm summer day.

Nobody comes here anymore

This is in east Jenkins KY.  We got a number of pix in a brief stop here.


Green door



This is near Jenkins KY.  The Quonset hut lives!

Greenhouse, Christmas

This Backer’s Florists, which used to be located at the corner of Watauga and Charlemont Streets.  The location is a parking lot for a funeral home now.  It had snowed that night and I was out walking in it, with my camera, and I saw this view.  It’s been worked on a fair bit, since the original was an analog image.
christmasgreenhouse (2)

Teddy Bear Carols


A Ching cartoon


Teddy Bear and His Co-Regent regard K’an, Ch’ien; Await Li, Tui


Teddy by the tracks

I saw this in the former Miller Yard in Virginia.  I don’t know what it means.  It’s a little teddy bear tied to hollow tube that holds a tool the train guys use for something (I really know a lot about whatever it is I’m writing about….really).  It’s all covered in coal dust.