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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Delta Boeing 727-232

delta727 delta727back

This is a photo montage.  I’ve seen the same aircraft with different backgrounds.  The craft is a Boeing 727-232 delivered to Delta in 1973.  Delta flew it for 11 years, the it went to People Express, then Continental and finally to Kitty Hawk Aircargo before it was scrapped in 1999.  It’s N453DA.

The card is probably one published by Delta and included in the “Welcome Aboard” folder passengers were given.  The card may date to the early 70s.
I didn’t pay $2.50 for it.  Everything at the antique store was half off that day.  Surprisingly, this one was actually in the “Aircraft” section of several boxes of cards.

Old Glass Blocks


Virginia Intermont

vifront2 viback2

Hermitage Art Company in Chicago was founded in 1924, mainly printing religious items, but soon were also in the postcard business (and as of this date, still cranking stuff out).  This card probably dates from the late 20s to early 30s.  The style seems to indicate that, since it’s in the white border era, pre-linen finish.  One cent carried on to the 50s, so that’s no help.  I wish dealers wouldn’t scrawl things on the backs of cards.