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Soldiers’ Home, Johnson City

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This was probably printed in the early 1900s – 1907 – 1910 or so.  “Commercialchrome” shows it was printed by Curt Teich in Chicago using their 4-color, halftone, lithographic process.

This vendor wrote their booth number and the price in ink.  Annoys the hell out of me, but post cards are hard for vendors to control with too many people either altering the price or just slipping them into their pockets.  It’s a hard-knock life, no?

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  1. Thomas E Purvis

    Hi! I have a old post card (pharmacy Republic Mills Great Falls, SC). Marked on the back commercialchrome and number 53566 in red. I believe the card was printed by Kurt Teich in 1914 (53566).

    What is your reference that states Commercial chrome represents Kurt Teich Chicago, IL.? It is difficult finding anything about the commercial chrome Kurt Teich process.


    Tom Purvis

    • Thank you! The standard reference I used for this is “Postcard America, Curt Teich and the Imaging of a Nation 1931-1950” by Jeffrey L. Meikle, University of Texas Press, 2015, ISBN 978-1-4773-0859-2. There is also material available on line about Curt Teich.


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