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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Old Glass

This is a collection of glass that has been removed from various farm vehicles.

Snow Trees

I took this on Bays Mountain just after a wet snow had blown into the area.

Florist Shop – Christmas

This greenhouse is no longer in existence. Many years ago, I was out walking on a snowy evening and saw these Poinsettias through a fogged window.

Gas Pump

Brave old gas pump.  Up on Hazel Mountain Road in Southwest Virginia.


A friend of mine likes to collect rocks for terrariums…terraria, whatever. 

Power at Dawn

I never was real sure about this image.  Even though there appears to be sufficient light, I was shooting a 3.5 lens, which means I got some camera movement…enough to make the image soft.  Pshop tightened it up, but I wish I’d had a tripod.  

Art Lover

Heading out for a walk, I saw this dude relaxing with a (cough!) smoke and idly looking at this, um, sculpture.  Maybe it’s an assemblage…