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One Door Closes


And another door opens…

Goodyear Hot Wheels Blimp



This neat little model of the Goodyear Airship came out in 1992, according to information up on the web.  On the bottom of the passenger car is “1991 Malaysia”.

Turning the tailpiece changes the display.

It’s 3.5″ long and about 1.5″ from bottom to top.

Old Doorway




Mass o’ Vandas


These are on the side porch at a friend’s house.  Fine color for this orchid, an epiphyte whose name comes from the Sanskrit word for this flower, vanda.  Literal translation, I’m told, means “mistletoe” or, more generally, any parasitic plant.



Snow sez, “Back soon.”

Pose #2 with Maneki Neko

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Long Time, No Fire

Southeast Kentucky.  This hydrant is on a water line supplying a large mining operation that folded its tents and slowly moved away in the mid-50s.

So Are You


Strange Pin


I wonder about this 1″ pinback.  I found it in a local flea.  It’s a plastic finish, but it has an odd texture.  No maker mark.

Black pin, white microphone apparently issuing lightning bolts from TN VA.  Bizarre.

Probably it’s for an uneasy association of Tennessee and Virginia broadcasters.

Coming Soon to a Pond Near You


Yeller Cab

yellowfront yellowback

I’m going to put this in a new card folder, but this is mostly how it looked when I bought it (for under $4).  My pencil notation is what I dug up on the web.

Box of Yarn


Box of yarn for sale at an outdoor flea market.

Town Creek

Downtown Abingdon VA.  The house behind the trees was for sale the day I was there.  Great location.  Price would probably make my eyes water.  Abingdon’s trendy these days.

Flea Market Find!

Sort of..

I call it an “8-bit Dragon”.  Bamboo beads.  6.5 x 7″.
It’s a hot pad.  It’s called a trivet. In my vocabulary, a trivet is generally metal and has three legs.
A rose by any other name is a trivet.
I have two of them. Sigh.

Hang Here

hang here2

It’s all right, mom, Owl just hang here for a while…


“Fallen” is a band.  And anyone can tell you


Cloth Ice Cream

These were in a shop window in Jonesborough TN.  Fun idea!

Trump Rock?


This rock face on Stock Creek Road near Mabe VA does rather resemble President Trump.  Sort of…

Capital Airlines

capital capitalopen

In 1957, when this mailable listing of flights and costs (Knoxville to Washington DC – $28 and change) was printed, Capital was flying high with their Vickers Viscounts (eventually foreclosed on by Vickers).  Hard times were soon upon the company and it was sold to United in 1961.  The piece is 4 x 9″, folded.