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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Point Counterpoint

This is the only piece of work I ever signed “Bula”.  It was the name of a business I had at the time with Tom Buchanan.  Boo-Lah.  Oh, well.


First date

Yup, first date.


Girl with tail

This lady was an attendee at a Halloween party we had back in the 80s.


While Lucky Rooster


Store window, East Jenkins KY

Feedback tells me this was an Army surplus store.  Interesting sign, too.


Owl Sits in for the King

This was done back when I was playing chess a little and finding out again and again how little I could play chess.  It was also a part of my interest in perspective and a certain fondness I had for putting the owl in unusual circumstances.


Summer: Morning Shift

I was out walking on a pleasant summer morning, just after dawn, when I saw this.  The windows are steamed up from the early morning prep.  I angled around until the sign hid the sun itself and let the light show through the windows.  I had a paper route in downtown Kingsport not too long after this Pal’s was built in the late 50s.  I delivered the Kingsport Times (the afternoon paper…the News was the morning edition) right after school, before supper. Several of my deliveries were on Shelby Street.  The smell of the hamburgers (still the same today) would remind me how long it had been since I’d eaten.


Eureka Roller Mills

This was in Telford.  I took the reference picture sometime in the late 70s.  The original drawing is much larger (it had a left vanishing point approximately 9′ from the drawing itself).  I sold it a decade or so ago.  Later, in 2004, I decided to do another take on it.

Corn and melons

Another picture I took at the Tomato Fest this summer.