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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Avianca 720-B

677front 677back

Avianca Boeing 720-B.  The plane left Boeing in 1961 for Lufthansa, then to Pan-Am and, in 1973, to Avianca.  Avianca moved it on to SAM Columbia in 1977 and, after a stint of private ownership, it was scrapped in 1980.  Its tail number here is HK-677.  HK-677 for Avianca was previously carried by a C-47 that edged off the side of the runway on takeoff in the 60s and caught fire.  All passengers got out safely, but the plane went out of service.

The center credit line on the back shows this is a Banco de fotografias Movifoto out of Medellin.  The card size is Continental (103 mm x 150 mm) (4″ x 6″ sort of).

A Dude

dude dudeback

This guy’s a dude.  Note the scarf tie, popular in the 1920s.  Driving cap in plaid, striped shirt. Sleeves rolled up.  Good shoes.  Odd expression, but photography was still new then.

I haven’t a clue as to where this studio photo was taken.  However, it’s a Real Photo and the AZO square (on the back, upper right)  with two triangles pointing up and two triangles pointing down indicates that the photographic paper was made between 1918 and 1930.

You go, guy.



At a flea market near Fletcher NC.  Eye-catching, no?

All Steel Steamer “President” On the Mississippi

presidentfront presidentback

This actually is a riverboat named “President”, but this picture of it was taken after 1978, when it was converted from steam to diesel and had some other modifications made.  What’s left of the old boat under all that steel came together in 1924 as a packet boat called “Cincinnati”.  It originally had side paddle wheels.

The center credit line “Published by Streckfus Steamers, St. Louis, Mo.” is just the name of the company that owned the boat.  I have no idea who printed it.

The boat, at last noticed, was lying dismantled in St. Elmo, IL.

El Al 707

elalfront elback

The mighty Boeing 707, delivered to El Al in 1965 and retained in service for decades.  This 707 is sporting the 1960s livery (there is some wacky information on the web about the dating of this card). The card is a company issue, printed in Israel.