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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Just a Point of View

This is in Tazewell VA.  Just an unfortunate shot angle.


Tazewell VA.

Man With a Pistol

The actual picture is small – 2.25″ x 2.5″ and very faded.  I believe the stern man is a police officer, since he’s holding a Colt Police Positive, popular in the 1940s.

Bonsai Trees

These bonsai trees were on sale at Smiley’s Flea Market in North Carolina.

Cloth Ice Cream

These were in a shop window in Jonesborough TN.  Fun idea!


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Clouds are heavy.  They really are.

I mean, they’re water, that’s all –

8.34 pounds per gallon, that’s all.

According to scientists –  thus spake Googlethustra –

Your standard cumulus cloud weighs in at 1.1 million pounds.

120,000 gallons of water, give or take a quart or two.

Looming overhead.  If it all came crashing

(Hahaha!  “Cloud crashing”…a concept)

Down, it’d do more than just mist your glasses.

And then some.

Keep a wary eye on that cloud…

At the Lake

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Figures.  First hot day and everyone heads for the lake…