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Performance Art

Owl and Crow do performance art.


Amateur Photographer Chat

Amateur photographer Chat poses Owl as a thunder bird


Red and New in ’52


The Roadliner came on the market in the early ’50s.  I’ve seen references to this model in 1952.

Owl Inspects

Owl inspects an “antique locomotive steering wheel”


Maj. Balboa Bunny

Maj. Balboa Bunny’s All-Rabbit Band


S. S. United States Needle Card


This needle card was issued by the Pioneer Merchandise Company of New York in 1952 (the small print reads “copyright 52 Pioneer Mose. Co. New York”.  It should be “Mdse”. The card was printed in Germany.  The reverse is the same as the front.  Some of the needles remain, but the threader is long gone.

The S.S. (Steam Ship) United States launched in 1951 and, apparently, was a real hot item for a couple of years thereafter.  It was fast, maybe 40 mph on a good day.  It held the record for speedy Atlantic crossings for many years.  It’s now berthed in Philadelphia.

A Typical Moonshine Still



I thought the guy on the right looked a little like Horace Kephart, but he died four years before this post card was published in 1935.