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The Old Land of Oz

I dunno. I think the costumes are creepy.  The Tin Man looks like something from “Radar Men from the Moon” (1952)(look it up. it stars Commando Cody, the man with an asbestos ass).  Dorothy is lovely, though, fake pigtails and all.   The place opened in ’70, burned in ’75 and closed in ’80.  The fire destroyed the original Dorothy dress from the movie, along with other artifacts.  It fell into disrepair and was vandalized.  It’s now open again for short periods during the year.

John Mellencamp sang, “Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone…”

Postcard published by Land of Oz…no printer’s credit shown.

(I know that Dorothy looks as if she’s floating.  Trick of the light – she has her right foot raised slightly to look as if she’s walking.)

Grts, Pennington Gap

“Grts”, in post card lingo, often refers to a card with “Greetings from…” on the front.  The picture on the front of this card is some generic view of a river with a train steaming along it.  When I looked, the railroad in Pennington doesn’t get too close to the Powell River, anyway.  The overprint just ties it to Pennington, for tourism’s sake, you know.  I would date this card to the late 40s, early 50s.

Welcome Home

Free Offer

From 1944, as the expiry date shows.  See Seven States! If your eyes are good, you can see the back of your head, clear around the world!

Box of Yarn


Box of yarn for sale at an outdoor flea market.

Glade Spring VA

To me, this is an interesting post card.  It was published by Asheville Post Card Company in the late 40s and it doesn’t feature original photographs taken by the company.  These are historic black & white photos that were colored in before printing.  No photographer is credited.  I suppose that the pharmacy provided the photos to APCC to use.

Town Creek

Downtown Abingdon VA.  The house behind the trees was for sale the day I was there.  Great location.  Price would probably make my eyes water.  Abingdon’s trendy these days.