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Bluff City Mill Fire

This appears to be the real thing; although, I may be wrong. This Real Photo Post Card (RPPC) depicts a night shot of the fire that devastated Bluff City Mills in July of 1946. The mill was partially rebuilt and finally gave up the ghost somewhere in the early 1990s.

I can’t find any references on the internet to Bluff City Photo Shop, but Frasher’s is well known in and around Pomona CA. The company went out of business circa 1955.

This card was purchased locally by a buddy of mine who has an eagle-sharp eye when it comes to local collectibles.

Owl Dente (1976)

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Owl Undergoes Pantophobia

From 1975

Defying the Doctrine…

(from 2018) Defying the Doctrine of Metaphysical Voluntarism, Owl (as Pierrot) Wills the Cat to Go Jump in the Lake.

Bad Things

“Bad Things Come in Threes” – The Exception…

Bellbird Says

Owl Tapes an Episode

Owl Tapes an Episode of “Growing Compass Roses”

Owl Organizes

Chat Dreams of the Nazca

Owl Has One More for the Woad

Aeronef Chat Clear for Takeoff

Thoth Approves!

Ganesha Shrine, SW Virginia, USA

Brown Couch

Teddy Bear and his Co-Regent

(from 2003) Teddy Bear and his Co-Regent Regard K’an, Ch’ien; Await Li, Tui

Xyloid Lounge Lizard Serenades the Guys

Owl Enjoys a Sunset

Chat Visits the UK Roadshow

Chat Invents Wireless Pompoms

Anubis Wants Walkies