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Monthly Archives: October 2018

RMS Scythia

A 1934 Cunard White Star postcard showing the Royal Mail Ship Scythia.
Artwork by Kenneth Shoesmith.





Blessing Hand

blessing hand final



In 2013, Broad Street UMC was replacing their steeple.  This is the old steeple that they’d left out in the yard.  I added a scoop of ice cream, which tends to rather resemble a baseball, for some reason.

Havana – Nassau



I live for finding these old airline handouts.  This one, when folded, is 4 x 6.5″.  It was issued in January, 1938.  The mighty Pan-Am Clippers!

Mass o’ Vandas


These are on the side porch at a friend’s house.  Fine color for this orchid, an epiphyte whose name comes from the Sanskrit word for this flower, vanda.  Literal translation, I’m told, means “mistletoe” or, more generally, any parasitic plant.

Two Kids


This is a cropped version of a real photo postcard, printed on Artura stock that was made between 1910 and 1924.  The image was very faded with moderate spotting and scratches.

A couple of things:  I have heavily kicked up the contrast and the sharpness. I brightened the light reflections in the kids’ eyes, but I can’t correct the problem with the left kid’s left leg, as you view him.  Notice that it looks like his leg ends before it even gets to the shoe.  I enlarged it and it appears to be a lens aberration or a case of poor processing.  Maybe he didn’t have a leg there…who knows?