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Tobacco Sale

Tobacco sale.  1940.  Big whoop, huh?



Well, as I write this in September of 2019, there are four instances of post cards on ebay that feature this exact picture, but for four different sales…and not one of those cards is this one.  Curt Teich in Chicago really got a lot of use out of this photo, which was shot in b&W and colored in at the print shop, as usual.

Soldiers’ Home, Johnson City

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This was probably printed in the early 1900s – 1907 – 1910 or so.  “Commercialchrome” shows it was printed by Curt Teich in Chicago using their 4-color, halftone, lithographic process.

This vendor wrote their booth number and the price in ink.  Annoys the hell out of me, but post cards are hard for vendors to control with too many people either altering the price or just slipping them into their pockets.  It’s a hard-knock life, no?

Boeing 377



This is essentially a B-29 Superfortress 3.0 – the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser (the C-97 Stratofreighter was 2.0), here flying out of San Francisco.  Pan Am was the first to take this plane on a commercial flight (San Francisco to Honolulu) in 1949.  Boeing built 55 for commercial use.  All of them were retired by 1963.

The back is interesting.  I have a couple of cards from the Chicago area, dated in the early 50s, sent to “Lucky Mail Bag” or “Good Luck” to this address (a residence).  The last name of the addressee is “Leja” .  I have no idea what the “WCPCC” means.

My dad and mom lived in Chicago in the ’30s.  They were young and, from what I heard them tell when I was a kid, they had a fine old time.