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You Just Never Know…

You just never know what will turn up at a local antique store…


As you can see, this portrait was shot at Hodges in Bristol, sometime in the early part of the 20th century.  There is no other information anywhere on the picture.  It’s just a b&w photographic print mounted on a stiff board, not a carte d’visite.  Unless this dude’s carrying a puppy in his coat pocket, he’s awfully wide hipped. He’s also holding up an unfurled umbrella. Is that a code?

You can make all sorts of guesses about his expression.

Yeller Cab

yellowfront yellowback

I’m going to put this in a new card folder, but this is mostly how it looked when I bought it (for under $4).  My pencil notation is what I dug up on the web.

Professional Building Woodlawn Avenue Bristol, Tennessee

This damaged card is from the 1950s.  Woodlawn Avenue does not appear on any current maps of Bristol TN.  It may be under a different name now.

On the back: Professional Building, Woodlawn Avenue, Bristol, Tennessee  The Tri-Cities’ newest and finest office building. Five stories completely air conditioned with paved parking lot accommodating 170 cars. Beautiful interiors, elevator service, drug and fountain service. Gorham Boynton, manager. Telephone SOuth 4-4189

John Steel

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This is John Steel.  The name is penciled in handwritten script on the reverse.

The photo was taken at Boy’s Photo Studio, 537 Main Street, Bristol, Tenn.

A little archive searching turned up another Boy’s Photo Studio portrait securely dated to 1910, so I feel certain that this dates to the early quarter of the 20th century.  The Steel family came to the Bristol area in the late 18th century.  This man is probably a non-professional worker, judging by the shirt, but he looks alert and healthy, though his face is pretty lined.  I’m terrible at guessing age, but I think he’s in his mid- to late-40s.