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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Framed boxcar

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These boxcars are parked on a little-used spur line in Ridgefields Industrial Park in Kingsport.

Pet Dairy Products Five Cent Token

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Just found this one.  It’s the five cent version of the Pet Products token from Johnson City.  The ten cent token I posted a little while ago has a diameter of 16.5 mm, while this one is 20 mm.

Morristown TN in the Early 20th Century

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This is a railroad post office franked postcard.  The mark reads “BRISTOL & CHATTANOOGA TR 4 JUL 11 1917 R.P.O.”
It was printed by Curt Teich of Chicago and published by The Novelty Store in Morristown.
If this is looking west, then the old Kingmyer Hotel is up there somewhere on the right.

Oh, and I hope Miss Sarah Stonecypher of Limestone knew who “Guess Who?” was…

To To

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If you’re headed to To, it’s this way.

New Wall, Dead Plant

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Pet Dairy Products Co. Token

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I found a few of these tokens at a local flea market.  Each token is 16.5 mm in diameter.  They appear in a token catalog as originating in Johnson City TN, where Pet Dairy has had a milk processing facility since 1929.  I think they’re pre-WWII.  The token catalog notes that there was a 25 cent and a 5 cent version, too.  The 5 cent token is posted here.