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Capital Airlines

capital capitalopen

In 1957, when this mailable listing of flights and costs (Knoxville to Washington DC – $28 and change) was printed, Capital was flying high with their Vickers Viscounts (eventually foreclosed on by Vickers).  Hard times were soon upon the company and it was sold to United in 1961.  The piece is 4 x 9″, folded.

I Bring Good Luck

goodluckpieceback goodluckpiecefront

I don’t really know which side is supposed to be the front of this medallion, which appears to have been holed at manufacture.
In the left side picture, I set it so the inscription could be read easily; however, when this piece is set with the hole on top, at the bottom, in small letters, is “SOUVENIRS INC N.Y.C.” ( I needed a 10x loupe to read it)

Greater Pittsburgh Airport went into service in 1952 and the Connie (the plane pictured, a Constellation) was retired by United in 1964 or so.

For its age, it’s in pretty good condition.  I guess flying was a little bit scary in the late 50s, hence the appeal of a good luck token.