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Owl Undergoes Pantophobia

From 1975

Owl Organizes

Owl Has One More for the Woad

Owl Enjoys a Sunset

Owl Holds Auditions

Owl (as Pierrot)

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Defying the Doctrine of Metaphysical Voluntarism, Owl (as Pierrot) Wills the Cat To Go Jump in the Lake (2018)


Owl Adjusts

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Owl Adjusts the Digital Donut


Owl Spots His Anser


Amateur Photographer Chat

Amateur photographer Chat poses Owl as a thunder bird


Owl Inspects

Owl inspects an “antique locomotive steering wheel”


Hang Here

hang here2

It’s all right, mom, Owl just hang here for a while…

Owl Sits in for the King

This was done back when I was playing chess a little and finding out again and again how little I could play chess.  It was also a part of my interest in perspective and a certain fondness I had for putting the owl in unusual circumstances.