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The Mighty DC-8

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The postmark is 1973.  The Douglas or McDonald Douglas DC-8 was built from 1958 to 1972.  It was in competition with Boeing’s 707 in the new era of jet travel.  556 were made and a few are still in service.  In August, 1961, this was the first civilian jet liner to achieve (for 16 seconds) supersonic flight.

Remember the song lyric, “a big 707’s set to go.”  (Gordon Lightfoot,”Early Morning Rain”)  “Big DC-8’s set to go” doesn’t scan as well…

1950s Delta Kiddie Wings



I don’t know why I always get the odd ones.  The standard for this late 1950’s Junior Stewardess pin, given out to young girls when they boarded a Delta plane, is at Fly the Branded Skies.  Look under “D” for Delta.  Mine, however, lacks the cardboard backing that came with every kiddie wings, the Delta logo is crooked and the back’s really crudely done.  No hallmark, either.  Bummer.

Convair Aircraft Postcards


This is the Convair CV-240.  You can read all about it here.
It was a workhorse for maybe seven years and then, ta da!

Along came the Convair 880.
“Delta’s modern jet fleet includes the Convair 880 Jetliner…cruises at 615 mph…provides both deluxe first class and jetourist accommodations for 96 passengers.  Delta Jets serve the Caribbean and the U.S.A.”
As you can read here, it was a failure.
It’s kind of interesting that I found both these cards on the same day in the same antiques store in downtown Elizabethton TN.  Will wonders never cease…