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The Cunard R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth



Nice mid-50s Cunard postcard with an artist’s rendering of the original Queen Elizabeth, launched in 1938, but only carried troops until 1946, when it entered regular commercial service.  The artist is C. F. Hopkinson, who actually worked for Cunard as an accountant, according to this posting.



Blimp?  What blimp?  Notice that not one person on that beach is looking upward at this gigantic blimp floating along.  Well, why not, for gosh sakes?  Because the blimp’s not really there.  This is a composite image, as far as I can tell.  Well done, too.

An L-Class Goodyear blimp.  The resolution of the image, plus a pesky palm frond, keep me from reading the NC number on the bottom tail fin.  And I don’t know what that blue and yellow signal flag means.

Here’s the reverse:


Boone NC, 1968

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Princess Ernestine

This is a borderless chrome postcard, postally unused.
On the back:
Princess Ernestine of Cherokee, North Carolina, poses in a modern adaptation of an ancient Cherokee Costume.
copyright date is 1969 Aerial Photography, Inc., Charlotte, N.C.

Pub. by Aerial Photography Services, Inc., P.O. Box 27112, Charlotte N.C. 28208
Printed by Dexter Press, Inc., West Nyack, New York
inventory number is 47031-C

This picture had to have been taken over 42  years ago.  There’s a later card I’ve seen with this exact image, but it was dated to 1988.

I did a search on the web for Princess Ernestine and found that her last name is/was Grant.  And that’s about all.