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N. H. D. V. S. Barracks, Johnson City TN



The National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers had just recently been built when the picture was taken (note the horse and wagon in the foreground).  It’s a lithograph printed in Germany.

Interesting Old Postcard

Why, you ask, is the egregious example of tweeness interesting?
Okay, first, it’s dated.  1911, on the back.
It’s addressed to Blanche Gladson in Rogersville and I see a lot of cards addressed to her.  It’s from her brother, Hal.
It’s pre-WWI, embossed, and probably lithographed in Germany.  It was never mailed.
It’s got “postcard” printed in 13 different languages (it’s “open mail” in Russian) on the back.  There’s also either a printer’s mark or a guild mark in the lower left on the back.  Ask me if I care…
So, in Japanese, it’s “kawaii!”