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Buford Williams and Gerald T. Lowe


Buford’s on the left, Gerald “Jerry” is on the right.  Both were veterans of WWII.

Buford retired from TVA and died at 92 in Knoxville.

Gerald, who was from Maryville, died in 2003, but I don’t know anything more about it…can’t find an obit.

Deaf and Dumb School, Knoxville, Tenn.

knoxschoolfront knoxschoolback

This building, on Summit Hill Drive in Knoxville, was built in the 1840s.  In 1925, it became Knoxville’s Old City Hall.  The building currently houses a law school for Lincoln Memorial University.

The postmark is September 12, 1917, mailed from Knoxville.

It was mailed to a Miss Sarah Stonecipher in Limestone TN.

It reads, as best as I can tell, “Hello I will leave for Athens this morning. (suppose?) I will go to school I would rather take a Business Course if I could Will write soon. (Adrian?)

Published by E. C. Kropp of Milwaukee, inventory number 18434

Tennessee Airways


This postcard shows a Brazilian-made Embraer EMB 110  (?K?) “Bandeirante” (“pioneer” in Portuguese) in Tennessee Airways livery.  The airline worked out of Knoxville from 1978 to 1987.  Here’s the skinny on this regional carrier.

On the back:  TENNESSEE AIRWAYS 18 passenger “Bandeirante” Prop-jet…Meeting Tennessee’s air travel needs with old fashioned courtesy and space age technology…FLYING YOUR WAY!

Printed by L&M Printers, Maryville, TN 37801

Update 01/21/20: The airline was owned by Stuart Adcock, Jr.  In 2009, he died in a crash of his Grumman American AA-1B near Fingerville NC.

Raymond S. Stripling

I found these two photos at a flea market in Piney Flats TN.  I was told they came from an estate sale in Knoxville.  Both are of a man named Raymond S. Stripling. Here he is at age 2 (I believe he’s the one on the left):
The other, unnamed, kid seems to be commenting on something and Raymond appears to be gobsmacked by it.  I cleaned this picture, a Real Photo card, a little bit in Photoshop…it’s not been treated well.
Now, here’s Raymond at 13 with Wag, his dog:
He’s a little stout and seems to have a lazy right eye.  The photo was taken by McCoy Photo Studio, 313 South Gay Street, Knoxville.
In the 1940 census, he’s still in Knoxville working as an auditor for TVA.  He’s married and his wife’s name is Alberta, also from Knoxville.