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Both of these postcards show a Delta DC-7 with different livery (color scheme).  And, except for the livery, they both feature the same photograph.  Whoever did the retouching was really good.   These are from the mid- to late-50s.  This particular DC-7 was “written off” in 1962, after a service of  eight years.
On the back: “Delta-C&S Air Lines Golden Crown DC-7’s are world’s fastest airlines.  This luxurious transport, seating 69 passengers cruises at 365 miles per hour at 25,000 feet, has a top speed of 410 miles per hour.”

The card was printed by Delta and included in folders presented to passengers upon boarding.  The flight attendant would mail this card for you at no charge (I think).  All you had to do was address the card and scrawl something banal as a message.


Delta Boeing 727-232

delta727 delta727back

This is a photo montage.  I’ve seen the same aircraft with different backgrounds.  The craft is a Boeing 727-232 delivered to Delta in 1973.  Delta flew it for 11 years, the it went to People Express, then Continental and finally to Kitty Hawk Aircargo before it was scrapped in 1999.  It’s N453DA.

The card is probably one published by Delta and included in the “Welcome Aboard” folder passengers were given.  The card may date to the early 70s.
I didn’t pay $2.50 for it.  Everything at the antique store was half off that day.  Surprisingly, this one was actually in the “Aircraft” section of several boxes of cards.

Northwest Airlines



These are two cards that were probably in a folder given to each passenger as they boarded the plane.  You added your message to and address of your BFF back home, give it to the stewardess.  She would then affix a stamp and mail it for you.
They are DC-3 aircraft in NWA livery (at one time, pretty much any airport worth its tarmac had a DC-3 landing there).  Later, NWA became Northwest Orient, flying to Japan and other points oriental.  “Northwest Orient” makes me think of elk and soy sauce…

NWA was around from the late 20s, then was absorbed, eventually, by Delta.


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I sloped down to a local antique store this afternoon and, by digging a little bit, came across this tidy gem:

No publisher is noted, but it has to be a puff piece for Delta, comfortably dated to between 1949 and 1951.  Delta took delivery of their first DC-6 in 1948.  They were retired in the early sixties as jets took over.  Why 1951?  Because, as pointed out on other posts on the web,  postage rates for postcards went up to 2 cents in ’51.  This was printed prior to that.