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3-D Post Card

skiiersfront skiiersback

Well, it’s kind of 3-D.  But it’s more a bit of 2-D fakery.  There are two planes in this lenticular post card (parallax panoramagram, a word that’s as delightful as “bananarama”), the front one with the pine needles, the perplexed-looking skiiers, and the two riding the lift.  The second layer is the background.  Moving the card gives a feeling of 3-D, if you’re a kid and have never seen 3-D before…

Anyway, it was published by the Manhattan Post Card Company, in business from 1928 to 1974.  The Xograph process was patented in 1964 (the patent expired in 2008).  It’s 6.5 x 4.75″.

A friend of mine found four of the these 3-D Collector Series cards at a garage sale.  On the market today, they’re worth about $2.00 each.

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  1. Winking Jesus! LOL!


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