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Avianca 720-B

677front 677back

Avianca Boeing 720-B.  The plane left Boeing in 1961 for Lufthansa, then to Pan-Am and, in 1973, to Avianca.  Avianca moved it on to SAM Columbia in 1977 and, after a stint of private ownership, it was scrapped in 1980.  Its tail number here is HK-677.  HK-677 for Avianca was previously carried by a C-47 that edged off the side of the runway on takeoff in the 60s and caught fire.  All passengers got out safely, but the plane went out of service.

The center credit line on the back shows this is a Banco de fotografias Movifoto out of Medellin.  The card size is Continental (103 mm x 150 mm) (4″ x 6″ sort of).

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