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Once a theater


This is looking through what once was a theater in a company-build recreation center in Leatherwood KY.  Here’s what it looked like when it was fairly new.  (For the picture I shot, I was on the other side of the building) Note the cut stone that made up the exterior of this large building.  The story is that the railroad welcomed Italian stonemasons to help build the many bridges and support structures as the lines extended.  These masons were also responsible for many coal company buildings, notably in Lynch and Whitesburg KY.

Looking out of the tunnel

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There’s a nameless tunnel in Whitesburg KY.  It was once used by the L&N before the line went out of use in the late 80s or so.  The tunnel’s not very long, maybe 100′ or so, and features a creek running through it.  This is looking out the eastern face of the tunnel.