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Piedmont Airlines Pin



I can’t find a standard for this on any of the popular sites.  The back has a “C 10 Sterling” marking.  I would guess that it’s a flight attendant’s pin, but, then, when I was a kid, I mistook a skunk for a cat.  Shows you how much I know.


Piedmont Tea

Starting in 1987 or so, Piedmont Airlines acquired some Boeing 767-200ERs and began service from Charlotte NC to Gatwick in London.  This tea container (it still has the original tea bags in it) measures about 4.75″ long, 2.75 deep and about 4″ tall.  It was made in England.  I would expect this to have been distributed around the time of the origination of the service.  Speedbird seen!

Piedmont Fantasy

Zoom! Zoom! This fantasy piece in Piedmont livery is about 3″ long and 3″ wingtip to wingtip.  Feels like it’s made of base metal.  White enamel finish and the style number “307” on the bottom.  Note Speedbird’s on the tail.
Here’s a look at the underside (brass wheels!  They turn!):

I picked up about 5 of these in a bag of Piedmont stuff at the Tree Streets Yard Sale in Johnson City.

Made my day.