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Man on a Rock

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I was originally going to blow this one off with a cute caption like “this is my rock…”, but, then I got to really looking at it.  I picked this up from a bunch of similar photos, one of which alluded to Texas.
Okay, look at the dude: he’s wearing glasses, he looks older than a recruit would be, there’s no insignia visible anywhere in the pictures…and his shoes just don’t look properly military (we used to have to shine the soles of our shoes for inspection in basic training).
The Smokey Bear hat, probably a Drill Sergeant’s Cover, is rather rakishly aslant.
The binoculars are a nice touch, but he’ll never get them up to eye level in that configuration.  In truth, they’re worn that way to prevent them from banging around as you walk.  I sometimes carry my camera like that, though not nestled up against my nipple.