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Bahama Star



The old Bahama Star is what I am after.  Here’s a link to its page in the Wiki.

As noted, it came to the rescue of the burning Yarmouth Castle in 1965.  The captain was then Carl Brown, better known to Rogersvillians as Carl Netherland-Brown.  He was just two weeks into his captaincy when the Yarmouth Castle event took place.

This New Bahama Star?  What’s left of it is part of a breakwater at Taiwan.

McGhee-Tyson Airport


A Standard News Agency, Knoxville, Tenn. issue, K-51 “Municipal Airport, Knoxville, Tenn.” (plate #OB-H2467)  It shows an American Airlines DC-3 sitting in front of the terminal building.  This is just eight years after McGhee-Tyson moved to this location in Blount County from a much smaller operation a little west of Knoxville. The boarding ramp is in place but, look, there’s not a soul in sight, except for, maybe, a bit of a person showing beyond the ramp.

It was mailed from Knoxville on March 30, 1943.
On the back in the upper left description paragraph (unusually wordy): “Municipal Airport, Knoxville, Tenn.  One of 36 of the best airports in the United States – on the main Southern Transcontinental Air Route.  Served by American Airlines and Pennsylvania Central Airlines.  Complete with U.S. Weather Bureau and Civil Aeronautics Radio and Communication Station – service night and day.  Cost over one million dollars – paved runways – main runway 5000 ft. long.  All facilities.  Complete lighting for night flying; mail and transport and private operations.”

The written message: “Hello, Mother.  Well, we have gotten this far and our tickets were messed up so we are waiting for a call from Rogersville  Don’t worry about us.  We will leave out in a few minutes  love to all will write you from camp. Boy.

Mailed to Mrs. N.D. Ewings, 122 Hasson St. Rogersville, Tenn.

The post mark says “Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps”