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School Window


This was a window in something like an alcove on the second floor of an abandoned school in Glade Spring VA.  The place had been trashed.

The foliage outside looked faded in the master file.  It was overexposed when I tried to enhance detail in the foreground.  There was a simple cure for that: in PE11, duplicate the main layer and then, in that layer, erase everything except the window openings.  Set the opacity to 100% and mode to “multiply”.  And Bob’s your uncle (no, no, not me…I’m not, repeat, not your uncle!  It’s an British expression that means “and that’s that”.  “Bob” was Lord Salisbury – this was in the 1880s –  who was widely known for being loose and free with plum government positions for those with whom he shared DNA.  It’s called “nepotism” and derives from “nephew”, or so I read).