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Henson Airlines

Henson, the original Piedmont.  This livery was used from 1983 to 1987.  As far as I can tell, Henson used these Short (Bros. of Belfast) SD3-30s from around 1979 to 1990.  This one went to Alleghany then was exported in ’91 to Canada, whence it had come.   This is another Mary Jayne’s Railroad Specialties postcards, airline series.




This is a postcard published by Mary Jayne’s Railroad Specialties out of Covington VA.  Printed by Alleghany Publishers, Covington VA.  Photo by George E. Lawrence (no relation).  MJRS published a series of cards on aircraft.  I think there are around 200 different cards in the series.
Anyway, Aerostar was owned by Professional Travel, Inc. of Louisiana.  In 1981-82 the company was expanding.  In 1982, they secured permission from the Civil Aeronautics Board (in existence from 1938 – 1985) to set up the airline and eventually secured three 727s from Eastern Airlines.  In 1983, it was all over.  Eastern repossessed the aircraft and the company went bankrupt.  The name Aerostar has been used by an airline out of Kiev, Ukraine, since 1995.


Mary Jayne’s Railroad Specialties

mj356front mj356rev

Mary Jayne’s Railroad Specialties…and an airline?  This is the lowest inventory number I have of the airline series that MJRS issued between the mid 80s or so through to the late 90s.  The company was owned by Mary Jayne and John Z. Rowe of Covington VA.  The MJRS company was incorporated, though, in North Miami Beach FL in 1973 and went inactive in 1999.  Mary Jayne died in 2015 but her obituary doesn’t mention MJRS.  It only states that she and her husband operated a land survey company.  There’s an article in a railfan mag on the web on MJRS, but it’s stuck behind a $43 paywall.  Passed on that.  There is no inventory list of these cards on the web, as far as I know. This is MJ354 and my highest number is MJ1297, but this isn’t a continuous sequence. There are many holes in the numbering.  Either I just don’t have all the cards (likely) or these cards, which changed publisher at least once, were part of a larger print run that included other subjects.  This one was printed by Alleghany Publishers, Covington, VA.  I hope the pinkish hue was intentional.
The cards I have cover an amazing number of airlines and many, many aircraft.  This group was a real find.