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This is one of those post cards that I know something about, but only can suggest other things.
First, it is an American Airlines DC-2, Flagship Line.  It’s at Tri-Cities airport (then McKellar Field).  The first DC-2 flew into the airport in September, 1937.  Judging by the way the photo was taken, I think the photographer was more interested in the news aspect of the occasion than with any person on the flight.  I think the original photo (there’s no attribution) was taken to record that inaugural event.  Piece of history, that.  Two months later, the airport was officially recognized as McKellar Field.
I know it was published by Lisanby’s Gifts in Bristol VA.  It apparently is D-6 of a series.  I do not think the card dates to the time the picture was taken.  I can find no reference on the web to “Lisanby’s Gifts” in Bristol.
There were a number of these for a buck or so each at Abingdon Antique Mall, as of 3/12/16.
If anyone knows anything about this card, I’d appreciate a comment on it.