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Dumb Buy


I paid $3 for these.  I am stupid.  I actually stand in front of the mirror in the mornings and say, “Please, Bob, don’t buy anything you don’t know anything about.”  And how does that all work out for me?  Each one of these is worth south of 30 cents. But they’re neat as hell.  I only saw two others the same day (one was postmarked and one was torn in half…and postmarked).
I like airplane stuff.  This 1941 carmine air mail stamp depicts a “transport” aircraft.  It puzzled the heck out of me…looked like a Boeing, kind of, in the front, but that tri-tail is pure Constellation, sort of.  A website pointed out that if the wing flaps were lowered, they would scrape the runway on landing.  Anyway, it’s purely fictional, some ignisfatuus in the artist’s concept brain file.  Well, I like ignisfatuus (’cause it’s obscure…a crossword thing), but it’s really just a mashup.