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Alf Berry



So, here’s Alf.

In the writing on the reverse, there’s one word that I can’t figure out.  It’s the word written over the “P” in “Post”.

Alf Berry picture gave to B (?oo?) B feb 27, 1913 at Roda Va”  Roda is a coal town in Wise County, at the end of what was once an Interstate Rail Road line.  It’s northwest of Appalachia, past Osaka.

Interesting that the person writing this added the “Va”.  It was never mailed.  The writing just serves to identify the person and give a context to the picture itself.

Alf’s not wearing any rings.  The buttons on his jacket have been much used; they’re hanging loosely.  Sturdy shoes.  Looks like some sort of basket hoop by his right foot.  Can’t say much about his tie.

The other writing is when some dumb dealer wrote his buy code and the price of the card.  I wish dealers wouldn’t be so unconcerned about these real photo cards.  They’re one-offs, after all.

Big Cow


Yes, the little dog is posing as the cow.  I’m smiling because here I am on a cold day standing beside a big replica of a cow in downtown Appalachia VA.  There are worse places.
(photo by Lee Stone)