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S.S. Nassau

If you were venturing into the southern climes back around 1956 or so, you might have been on this ocean liner:

The S.S. Nassau.  It began life in 1922 as the S.S. Mongolia, built in England.  After a number of name changes, it became the Nassau from 1951 to 1961.  It ended up on the West Coast as the S.S. Acapulco, flying the Mexican flag, the only ocean liner to have done so.  But, after 40 years of service, it pretty much ground to a halt on the return trip from England, where she had gone for repairs to her prow.  After a couple of years as a hotel ship, she was scrapped in 1964.

Here’s the back:

Note the Cuban Cure for Tuberculosis stamp, dated 1956.  The actual date of the postmark isn’t visible, but it couldn’t have been before 1956. Tracy and Jim are having a fab time, apparently, and not looking forward to returning.

This post card is larger than the more-or-less standard (5-1/2 x 3-1/2″).  It measures 5-5/8 x 4″.  Continental post card size is 6 x 4…just 2/8″ shy.

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  1. Way cool, Bob!


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