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Sales Sample Postcard

First of all, Benhams, in case you might have forgotten, is about 6 miles NNW of Bristol (at the State Line) in Washington County.  To jog your memory further, recall where Benhams Road, Rich Valley Road and Wolf Run Road all come together?  Yep, that’s Benhams.
This is a sales sample card from the Nyce Manufacturing Company of Vernfield PA.  Notice that they make no claim that the scene above is anywhere near Benhams…it’s just a random shot with an old car in it.  You can get 20 different choices for your Chamber of Commerce issue!And, look, if you buy 1000 with your town name in brilliant red ink, you could flog them for a penny each to anyone who wandered into the vicinity and make $2.10, which was nothing to sneeze at in the 1920s.  I’m tagging this as 1920s because the stippling of the print which, I think, was attempting to imitate the fine German litho printing that became unavailable to United States publishers at the beginning of WWI.
Nice (haha, pun intended) card in reasonably good shape for being around 90 years old.

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