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Bristol TN/VA: Early parks

In a 1915 municipal report, Bristol included these two parks as being part of Bristol’s system.
This is an early undivided back (1901 – 1907) card.  The postmark year is unreadable.
It was mailed to Mr. Jno D Cox, Jonesboro, Tenn.  “E.L.C.” mailed it with “will write you right soon” on the front border (you couldn’t put a message on the back of the card in those years).  It was published by Caldwell-Sites Co., Bristol, Roanoke and Staunton, Va.
I can’t find Big Creek Park on the map and references to it on the web are few.
This is “Island Park Boat House, Bluff City, Tenn.”
Six of the people in this picture are looking at the camera.
I can conclusively date this card to 1914 by the postmark.  There’s no publisher shown, but, in the bottom right on the face there’s the number “65755”.
It was mailed to Mrs. W.H. Roberts Bristol Tenn R.F.D. 1
Her sister mailed it and there’s some writing on the back concerning an upcoming trip.

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