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Distinguished Man

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My beautiful picture

I don’t know who this is, but he looks distinguished and rather pleased with everything, it would seem.
The photo is glued to a heavy paper board.  The board may have been, at one time, a rectangle to fit a standard frame, with the oval outlines you can see.  Later in its life, it was cut down, apparently with scissors, to a smaller oval to fit in another frame.  I had to trim it down again to get it to fit in my scanner.  Even then, since it’s warped, it slid down in the scanner and I had to take the thing apart to retrieve it.  It’s got what is either foxing or nicotine browning all over the photo.  I removed some of it around the face area with a q-tip and a mild lens cleaning fluid.  If this was my grandfather’s picture, I wouldn’t have done that.  It’s also been cleaned up in Photoshop, big surprise.
Date?  I would guess around the 1930s.  Maybe earlier.  It’s hard to date this style of clothing.  Posh, and all that.

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  1. Very regal man.


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