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I was in Abingdon at a flea market.  Rummaging through some old cards and stuff, I came across a picture of a solemn young lady.  It was in a 3×4 inch art studio cardboard matte with “?Vamey’s? Art Studio, Bristol Tenn.” embossed on it.  The photo had been pretty badly handled; scuffed, stained.  Her hands were pretty much obliterated, so I scanned it at 600 dpi and then cropped it down to an h&s before I retouched it.  It took several hours over several days to get the result above.
When I was a kid, all of our furniture and nearly all of our family photos were stolen (I think I learned the phrase “those sorry sons of bitches” around that time).  I’ll never see them again.  I’ll also probably never know who this young lady was, but I have been able to bring her photograph back to some of its original form.  Photoshop rules.

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