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Red Postcard

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It’s a red postcard, all right.  Printed by Dexter Press, which was in Pearl River NY from 1928 to 1952, when it relocated to West Nyack NY.

The Fendrich Cigar Company was headquartered in Evansville IN as early as the mid-19th century, but it became a very large company and could very well have had a factory in New Castle PA in the 20s.  It was listed as having one in Columbia PA around that time.  I see ads in the New Castle newspaper promoting La Fendrich cigars in 1925.

More to the point, one of the cigar brands they sold was Red Ruby.

The Graceful S. S. Princess Anne


With a superstructure designed by the famous Raymond Loewy, the S.S. Princess Anne launched in 1934 and plied the waters until 1964, when it was sold and became the S.S. New Jersey.  It is now an artificial reef 100′ deep off West Palm Beach.  (I have enhanced the color.  The card has faded)




Dandelions!  They’ll grow anywhere…

(That’s a blasting drill hole on the right)

Playing with Blocks




Old Silo


You don’t see a lot of these around.  It’s a wooden feed silo.  I have no guess of its age, but these tended to rot out over a period of time.  It’s located on the right on Highway 58 in Lee County VA, just a bit east of the junction of 58 and 421.

Ozark Air Lines DC-9



Oversize 5″ x 7″, company-issued postcard.  Since Ozark Air Lines acquired its first DC-9s in 1966, I would suppose this card dates from about then.  Ozark lasted from 1950 to 1986, when it was bought out by TWA.  The company was based in St. Louis.